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All voters within your district will be issued unique IDs to contact the senator in issues relating to international matters and they can use the office to conduct business and to represent the United States through their congressman so that they are shielded from all political dangers that comes with engaging international politics.


Geolocation identification


The vice president will no longer serve at the pleasure of the president you will serve at the pleasure of the people we also will introduce a no-confidence vote on the vice president a new power we will be issuing to the Senate and Congress if we find any violations when it comes to telling the truth someone like Dick Cheney should have been terminated by Congress and the Senate and a member of the Congress and the Senate starting with the speaker of the house or the Senate should have taken his place effective immediately.


If it is the president who’s the liar like George Bush then the vice president would take the position effective immediately because of lies and deception and the speaker of the house on the majority leader of the Senate would both be eligible changing the Constitution from just putting the house speaker in line to the presidency.


We want to have the best president so there will be no elections but they will be members of Congress understanding voting and I think this is just an expansion of the electoral college and the certification of the presidency that Congress does so this is within the Constitution of the United States and I expect this to be part of the future.


I expect the vice president to be effectively terminated and banned from all political engagement someone like Mike pence comes to mind the man who refused to take over the presidency when the country needed him and a person like that should be automatically banned from holding any office of any kind.


I also want to make sure a proper investigation off is carried out on the elected future vice president that they will fulfill their constitution duty and they don’t have any burdens that they have taken an oath of allegiance to the president just to accept the vice president and because their religious men or women don’t break their oath therefore they break their oath with the people and God because they took a secret of religions of loyalty to the president to secure their position.


So there are many changes coming to the vice presidency we want the power of the vice president to have a no confidence vote on the president especially buy them and he’s in office he’s old and maybe he’s doing many things like Reagan did and he has no business being in office so after 4 years of serving with the president the vice president automatically get new clothes and powers to declare the president crazy or incapable and this would force Congress and the Senate to vote on a no-confidence vote on the president and the vice president’s job will be secure this is just to protect us from people like Biden or Trump who are incapable of doing their jobs and the failure of vice president pence made me very angry I want to see these changes take place effective immediately and I will be loving for this powers to be given to the vice president.


The power of the vice president over the cabinet some people are kiss ass individuals they will do whatever the president wants they will not challenge the president and they’re just empty vessels who only do whatever the president wants even though the power of the president comes from the people so I want to strip the president of all power of selecting his cabinet if they have not been champions of the truth if they have not shown left to democracy and shown the ability to stand on their own feet we don’t want people who are yes or no ass kissing individuals who don’t have a backbone in the cabinet we also want new powers for the vice president to dismiss any member of cabinet who is not living up to the responsibility without the authority of the president.


We also want the cabinet to have the power to do a no confidence vote on the president and the vice president which triggers a new clause that has members of Congress and the Senate take over the job all this ideas I have is to just deal with Trump double down protect our democracy so that we don’t go through a nightmare ever again with someone like Trump or the help.


The moment he called immigrant racist and rapist that should have taken a clause in the point system making him ineligible to be president by forcing the Congress and the Senate to come into session with new powers from the the Constitution already has an electoral college we’re going to restructure it so that Congress and the Senate have more power in shaping the futures country and terminating all racist and who have mental issues to even get a chance to be in the White House to create a nightmare that’s never ending under Donald Trump many things will now have to change.


All staff that work in the secret service and work in the White House from the press secretary and everyone gets a vote in the no confidence vote on the president or the vice president if the entire team that works under the president and the vice president consider the president of the vice president incapable of leading this country all the votes trigger an immediate effect Congress and the Senate to meet to find ways to terminate a no confidence vote on the president and the vice president. We do not want anyone who does not treat the people who serve them to be in power this is the power of the people from the people to the people those who don’t obey the people will have no power all the power belong to the people..


Personal message to the president.


Moving forward if someone like Donald Trump is ever elected and he or she has never served in public office the current president will vacate the office and will not wait until the last day building pressure on the country so we can all be psychologically terrorized.


What President Obama did was wrong he was well aware Donald Trump was not ready for the presidency he should have moved to a different office given the president the office and also to the president like an internship so that Donald Trump gets to talk and get a taste of leadership not to engage in political discourse with the strategy to burn the country to the ground and then expect things to just recover overnight.


There are many lessons from the Trump presidency that will be implemented to the president because it is the job of the president absolutely not speak about politics on his second term not to use the office of the presidency to divide the country and continue his personal agenda after 8 years in service the last day of the president should not be allowed to engage in any political discourse or to even shape the future of the country this is my opinion and this is laws that I’m going to be passing to make sure that the president does not do what Obama did setting up holes for failure from the press conference everything the new president was taking over his staff will come on board and take over and they will not wait until the last minute it was the most horrific thing that I saw and will absolutely be unacceptable moving forward.


We went to cabinet to exchange and do internship and closely work with the current president and all staff of the president in the last year to vacate the offices and begin to walk through all the responsibilities of the government to the new people who are taking charge not only that we need those people to give an assessment whether those people who are taking over their jobs are qualified or not.


We want to point system from all of the people who work under the president and the vice president to complete the transition of power before the constitutional power is signed that is an adjustment that must be made effective immediately we cannot go through what we went through and a Donald Trump it was a nightmare that was a train that was never ending for 4 years he was 4 years of hell.


As a private citizen I had no powers I was forced into action and I did things that history will remember me for and this is just an addition to what I have done and it is the blessing of my Lord that I’m now completing.


I think the presidency is much greater than Donald Trump will even you President Kennedy is just one of those great presidents that needs to be not just remembered but honored we have to find a way to celebrate our history especially great presidents who have done great things you have been blessed to see and witness history unfortunately you’re a man who barely mentioned history all past presidents or how glorious the country is so you become a liability to the presidency because you don’t connect the historic achievement of past president in your office it’s absolutely horrifying watching you speak out of terms and not even try to copy President Kennedy he dealt with tougher problems that you have and you can’t even get anything done.


We’re going to introduce a new system for the world to rate the president every country in the world will be participating in our point system they will show the world and the American people are their voice matter and whether you did a good job or not so you better do a good job here and abroad if you get negative points from all world leaders this will bend the next president from running from office and they will be automatically considered to be a one-term president because you had four years to deal with the problems of the world and you bring a negative report to my desk as a person who is an immigrant and is born in a different country and once you to make sure that you do your job here and where I am from and other places.


I’m going to introduce a religious score just for the president all religious leader from the pope and the House of wisdom that I’m building will also vote and they’re both will count into the point system..


The president is a prestigious and powerful position and no one should hold that power or that office if they don’t respect the history and they’re not willing to meet the challenges ahead I am more than happy to meet those challenges ahead and I think you should begin to speak about immigrant who deserve to be in the White House and to be president and yes I’m talking about myself I am just a truck driver right now but I have the guts and the brains to sit in your chair and make decision in the best interest of this country and pushing me forward that is exactly what I’m doing right here right now.


I want you to advocate the removal of this idea that you have to be born in this country to be president there needs to be an exception for individuals who have surpassed everybody and have shown that they have the vision and they capability of leading the country so you need to find an exception for me and talk to your administration so that my way to the president is waived and paved from all rules and exceptions starting with this idea you cannot be born here what does birth have to do with anything none of you were born here all your fathers are from Europe my father is from Africa what’s the big difference I want the doors to be open to me and I will make my case in the White House and you will agree or disagree so get ready for enlightening and beautiful conversation on this subject.


You have also not invited me for Ramadan or even celebrate Ramadan or I haven’t seen any videos I’m usually busy maybe you have released it or something but I expect to be in the White House this Ramadan and I expect to give you the Nobel prize that I have made of my Nobel profit Muhammad peace be appointed even if it’s just a printout of a paper you will accept it as president I’m very shocked if President Kennedy was in the White House he would have flew me in in his own plane and rewarded me for my efforts in supporting democracy and even would have thrown in a few jokes and even entertain all my ideas and then sent me home with all the new tools I need to support democracy and freedom that’s something you have not done to anyone and you should be ashamed of yourself.


I want you to promote profile of courage the book of President Kennedy I want you to give it as a gift to every world leader and I want you to find anything else that makes our country great and remind people of Great character someone like Sam Houston I listen to the book and it changed my vision and idea what a democracy is and what the United States stand for so you as president should understand the importance of the profile of courage and you should ask citizens to read it this is why I want to change what it means to be elected official and elected official is someone who celebrates the past in their constituents and in Congress there has to be made a place and space to celebrate all the presidents and all the great achievements and a story has to be retold we have lost the soul of this country and you have a moral responsibility to make sure we find it.


If you’re not interested in doing that I will do that myself single-handedly I have done the job of the presidency while Donald Trump was in there anyway so history will show that even before I got to the presidency I was a part-time president with my blog changing policy and effective change and that’s something as a black man no one can take it away from me and you as president are well aware of my contribution but it’s okay I have time and God will bless me to address this to Future generations.


For now I want you to focus on saving this country preparing it and I want the president to stripped from the ability to declare war independently or to strike a military strike on any country without the approval of the Senate and the Congress even if senior members must vote for any action technology has changed and less than a few seconds people can be connected and they can vote I don’t want a president who starts wars and lies in the White House we need to have many constitutional amendments to protect the people from the president and you are the last president who can do this.


Anyway there’s many changes I want so just get your pen and paper ready open the White House and stop doing what you’re doing with your Twitter account because if President Kennedy was alive today he would use his Twitter account to like every single tweet that is sent by the people and he would retweet every tweet that has to do with democracy especially if someone sends them a tweet of them telling them congratulations they have won the Nobel prize that was made in the United States but a truck driver that would make him so proud because this country is run by dentist, truck drivers, waiters, and you should be proud that a private citizen is doing his best to run this country because this country was created for the people by the people to the people and that’s something I don’t understand why you can get it through your head as president you’re here to serve us you’re a public servant and you don’t act that way which is horrifying but I will change that just give me time.


Expect you to read this letter in full and retweet it if you truly represent this country’s vision of sending a message to the world America is a place where citizen run this country rule this country and they have the power to come up with new ideas I am the best example for the voice of democracy I am the champion of democracy ignoring me is ignoring democracy and the Democratic process which is an acceptable so retreat when you get this email because you believe in the president if not I will ask you million times why you didn’t do that why did you withhold your Twitter powers for the good of the public so you I expect you to read with this if you don’t then time will come you’ll have to answer this question I’m very persistent person so don’t put yourself in trouble by ignoring me.


Two for your time I expect you to retweet this week if you don’t retreat it then it will be on your record in history that you ignore the truck driver who was changing this country and putting serious effort and as a result you don’t deserve to have a second term so your tweet will matter I’ll be watching it.


By the support my ideas as a truck driver to change is going to owe you don’t and if you don’t you have to explain why thank you for your time I’m looking forward to how you tweet or retweet this entire tweet that you’re getting.