In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful

Mission statement  mission statement.

Us house plan was created to make a plan as to how the future will work for elected representatives of the United States Congress. 

We believe the future of how officials are elected and what they do after they leave office is very important because many officials who serve as a member of Congress do so because they love this country, and they love democracy in general, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to safeguard our democracy and freedom. plan is inspired by President Kennedy and his relentless effort to the excellence of challenging himself and asking himself big questions that moved our

 democracy in a New direction and challenged every citizen in the United States of America to ask themselves what can they do for that country?

We asked ourselves what can we do for our country?; and it was very apparent that the future of politics will never be The same. There is a new frontier coming and we are not doing everything we can to meet that frontier and all the challenges it brings, starting with the world of technology and challenges posed by human beings who don’t understand how delicate our democratic system is.

So we feel democracy is being attacked from two fronts: technology made by tech Titans,  who started to take advantage of us with artificial intelligence advancement that we will demonstrate today, is more than ready to destroy the society starting with democracy itself.

 This disaster can only be averted by  Congress effective immediately.

There’s been a lot of stagnation in the world of Congress how things are done and no one has tried to meet the challenges

Artificial intelligence is racing in all directions and is ready to replace lawmakers. Don’t take it from me, take it from the CEO. Of Nvidia

“Watch Nvidia CEO’s Deep Dive Into AI Vision” on YouTube

Reinforcement learning from all the videos and speeches politicians made by lawmakers coupled with the actions that have been taken by politicians has created a treasure trove of data that will be used to train artificial intelligence to take over the legislative process. As a result, lawmakers are no longer needed because you never saw it coming, but at least I can do my best to give you your final warning and read you a final right because if you don’t listen to me this is the end.

Please take me seriously, let me show you what’s going to happen to the fast food industry and all those people who usually take your orders.

Watch “See Project Tokkio! Nvidia’s food ordering AI” on YouTube

Don’t worry you don’t have to make eye contact anymore when you’re looking at the camera.

Go right ahead and introduce artificial intelligence into your offices let everybody doubt, was it you who was doing the talking? Were you even present at all for any of those meetings?

If the AI is already doing the job and you’re being lazy what’s the point of having a lawmaker? Why do you still have a job? You let this AI into your office and you made it your personal assistant.

  AI was supposed to make your life easy, but now we both know you’re going to be out of a job because you thought this was going to be a tool to help you to be more productive you can be in many places all it needs is your voice your data to train and later on we can prove that the AI cloud has done a better job than you ever could!

Please tell me how can you ever defend yourself against that?

Fortunately, I am going to put on the defense. I am going to give you an example why AI will lose and why the human spirit is Superior and why we should retain our beloved elected officials in their positions of power despite any mistakes that we might have because we have history to prove that among them  are great people who can do a great thing and if we let AI take over future generation will never find the next Kennedy and with that let’s start by change I’ve been telling you about.

Someone like President Kennedy is not somebody that history can just forget. We can put aside all his personal flaws and struggles because it is those flaws and struggles that made him a great human being that went on to save us with the blessing of God from a nuclear holocaust that would have without a doubt wiped us all out so please let me tell you what really defined him!

What defined President Kennedy was his relentless appetite for improvement as a human being. He was never satisfied with any work that he did he was always looking how he could get better and polish all his skills so that he can be the best candidate to support democracy and that is something that defines him because when you look at his speeches and how he took on all the challenges  American faced we can only see a citizen who chose to believe in God throughout his struggle and through that struggle his Spirit was rejuvenated with blessings and delights that no artificial intelligence can ever experience through this light and blessing of God he was able to dream a big dream as to how those problems would be resolved in his speech the new frontier he lays out the case what needs to be done to meet the challenges of his time and what everyone needed to do to answer the call that was present at the doorstep of every American without making any excuses.

No way in hell will artificial intelligence ever produce a speech that can move hearts and minds like this.

Watch “The New New Frontier”

His dream opened the door for everyone to look  into  their hearts and minds and  people had to do a 360 turn and go in the opposite direction by asking  what it is that we are doing for our country ?  ; And how can everyone contribute to the United States of America and make it a better place for everyone through his soul he accessed creativity that no machine can ever Access  no matter how smart a machine gets it will ever get the  breath of mercy which is a unknown blessing that is unknown to humans that is attached to the soul by God almighty.

So let’s begin and go to this new frontier with this mission statement.

This is our mission statement : we face challenges  and I have chosen to contact the bravest and most dedicated  Congressional Representatives who love their country and will  listen to a simple citizen asking himself what he can do for this country? A simple citizen  who is a regular American who works 70 hours a week and has done this on his spare time so please give me your time and listen to what I have to say so that we can meet those challenges because we are all in the firing line with this technology and there is much we can do,  but it all depends on you whether you will give me your heart and your mind so I can make the case what we need to do moving forward.

If you’re a member of the Congress you have received a tweet and in this tweet you have received a summary of what is available about you in the public domain , but also you have seen a number of new suggestions as to how we think public officials who are  elected to congress will be meeting those new challenges with the new ideas presented your in a link.

Here is a summary of those ideas.



  1. Door to door survey

 Will be submitted soon.

  1. Artificial intelligence score / point system

Will be submitted soon.

  1. Report card for every quarter

Will be submitted very soon.

  1. Report cards from the leader of the Republicans / Democrats will be submitted soon.


  1. Report cards from fellow members first from the Republican Party /Democratic party score will be calculated per vote.

  1. Report cards from every new  member on the   Democrat /Republican leadership scores will be   calculated per vote.

  1. Report cards from the speaker of the House will be calculated and displayed.

  1. Point system  from the president of the United States will be calculated and displayed.

  1. Committee Assignment  score or. Point system.

I  want to talk about those new ideas to you today because some of you are going to be in Congress for the rest of your lives because this is about civic duty and serving your country. So we want to describe our vision and how we plan on meeting those challenges and we would like you to join us in creatively thinking with us what the solutions are to the underlying problem democracies are facing today from technology and people in general.


First I’m going to begin to break down our ideas one by one so that you can comprehend what we are suggesting that could be a possible solutions to the crisis we face today in our Democratic institution.

  1. Report card

The report card is an idea that every single member of Congress is going to have and it’s going to be displaying

everything a voter needs to decide whether or not an elected official has fulfilled their duty to represent them.

As we move to a world where we are challenged by technology companies who have chosen to undermine democracy starting with Facebook, twitter, google, apple, NAVIDA etc 

Every single tech company is a threat to democracy and they have changed how our democracy works. We are at their mercy and this is  unacceptable so the first thing we want  to do is safeguard democracy from technology itself starting with all the tech companies.

So the first report we are suggesting is the human report. This is a report that does not require any technology that will safeguard elected officials from any influence from technology in general.  

I believe human beings have the capacity to look beyond technology and to be connected to other fellow human beings who share the same goals in making our world a better place and supporting our democracy so our first idea is the service that is absolutely difficult for AI right now and we have the advantage which is Door 🚪 to Door 🚪 survey.

The door-to-door survey is a wide range of groups of volunteers who are just going to summarize everything face to face and meet the needs of the constituents of elected members of Congress without any technology. The only thing they need is a good old handshake and FaceTime with the people who live in their district.

You might think that town halls and all the other avenues Congress has to connect with their district is enough I can promise you when I am done and I begin to arrange my volunteers with a new vision the report card that will be presented to humans with volunteers who work full time within the district will make or break any candidate regardless of the technology that’s being used because people underestimate their ability of human beings who are passionate/eloquent and caring.

I hope to raise a new volunteer group that knows its people and is engaged in helping its community by reminding them it’s better to have a relationship with a human being who’s aware of your needs and is ready to always help you 24/7 regardless of what you’re going through and I want to demonstrate that.

When you put the human element first no technology can overcome the human being because I am going to make them the source of power my volunteers will not be like any other volunteers there will be volunteers who are paid full-time with a full salary after they have completed their trial even if it’s paid because I am looking for passion and commitment and all the characteristic that makes an individual relentless in caring and making sure all the needs of the people who live in the district are met.


Today when people vote for elected members of Congress they only see them a few times or maybe they never see them at all and they don’t even contact their Representatives unless they have a problem and someone directs them to their office. It’s always people reaching out, it’s not the other way around.

I believe power is with the people and I’m going to take technology that identifies people through geolocation if you mix in virtual reality we’re going to be in a new world very soon.

So in short a person who lives in the district will have geolocation data to prove not only do they live there, but they will be able to get help for all their needs before they even ask.

Our volunteers are not regular volunteers, we’re going to recruit every person from every profession and we’re going to collect the data and we’re going to make people understand that it’s better to have a human being on the line than a robot that doesn’t feel anything. We all have had that experience dealing with artificial intelligence that doesn’t feel anything. We need people who can feel our pain and sympathize with us.

If a member in the district has a problem it will be solved because the volunteers we hope to recruit from every household will be part of a solution plan.

If a citizen loses their home and they cannot pay their bills in this world of virtual reality or mixed reality it’s going to be easy to identify, streamline and get them help.


If a citizen has a complaint about a police officer who’s sitting in the corner giving them tickets we’re going to coordinate a volunteer investigation and get a volunteer from the police department to bring data and make sure Justice is done.

If a citizen over the district falls into any problems they will have an opportunity to get help right away and when it comes to selecting a member of Congress a report will be submitted to them virtually or they can connect with our local volunteers who never stop helping them.

So the door to door report is very crucial it’s about citizens love democracy and are trying to find ways to make sure the members of those people who live in their district are not just getting help when they ask for it, but they’re there with different range and variety of services that is always turning out help and this volunteers become the pulse of the district to appoint where technology companies become irrelevant because when you hire smart and bright people who will dedicate themselves to listening and solving problems in the community and all of this efforts is credited and orchestrated by a member of Congress who’s elected will indefinitely remain in office and continue to serve the people because their plan was always helping not just run to Washington and forgetting about their own constituents.

Now that I have made my point that I prefer human beings over technology I will now begin to address technology in general most specifically artificial intelligence because they are just going to be part of our lives and they pose a threat

  1. Artificial intelligence score.

 Remember that Congress is going to have an artificial intelligence score.

Are you going to wait for deficient intelligence automatically to assign your score? The ball is in your court take action to pass laws that will stop AI from automatically assigning you a score because you leave data all over the place and people can take that data and because they got it from a public domain of course they will assign you some kind of score it’s common sense so don’t sit around do something before you are signed a score. We ask you to remember this moment and don’t say you are not warned.

I’m hoping because you are a human being that understands the stakes are high and because you listen to me we made sure the threat was neutralized.

 For example,   the AI  report is presented to the voter. They will get the human part that’s always with them and help them by reminding them this is just a machine, this score does not signify anything. What matters is connecting other human beings who have always been here to help you

 24 hours. The volunteers I’m envisioning are absolutely different because they are paid individuals who are true professionals but I choose to call them volunteers because some of them are going to be retired and some of them are going to do it out of the goodness of the heart the rest of them will find the unique opportunity calling it to work if they want because with AI around the corner many jobs are on the firing line so I’m opening the door in the world of politics where they will be employed permanently. 

Unfortunately, we all know there’s no going around artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is here to stay but at least I call for decentralized artificial intelligence that is not controlled by a single company and has a lot of human fingerprints on it that makes it impossible for artificial intelligence to stand on its own and just deliver results without human beings.

The fear is that if elected officials don’t create a project where artificial intelligence is funded by tax dollars and controlled by Congress this will become a weapon that will be used against elected officials because it’s a closed box already and there is no human control which means we all lose control regardless of the end result of artificial intelligence it just means human beings are not going to be involved and the end report will not be favorable regardless how smart artificial intelligence is it is a threat because getting a bad score without a doubt will guarantee an elected official will not return for a second term.

Let’s move on to the Report card for every quarter. 

It’s only a matter of time before the corporate world and all the matrix that is used to judge employees make its way to Congress. Is a member of Congress actually effective at their job? 

How do we determine what the matrix is? 

and how will they be presented to the voter because I believe voters will want more data because they have different standards and needs that are not being met in their constituents so by the time a member of Congress goes to Congress they’re expected to deliver on the needs of their constituents and with AI on their side, the scores are never going to get better because it’s a losing battle already.

The expectation of voters is unimaginable. Politicians promise them to fantasy and tell them whatever they want to hear to be elected but the reality of the ground is different because there’s much more at play on the political battleground.

The needs are many from roads to Bridges or to immediate needs that constituents need and their needs will be collected and it will be put in their report card and Congressional members will only be given the opportunity to address those needs with a touch of human explanation. If you do nothing the chaos that continues to emanate from Congress will be unimaginable if artificial intelligence is not subdued right now. Anyway, it doesn’t matter regardless of house politics there will be a report to send to the voter how you are doing every quarter to meet those goals.


We believe the framework of those metrics should do not be made by any Ai not made by cooperation but should be made by the senior leaders of Congress the leaders of the democratic party and the Republican party and the party that I expect to make for the Muslim community inshallah.

Don’t wait for the robots to come i propose the leaders starting with the Democratic party to come up with a system to calculate the score that will be on this report card since the they are the  ones who have the power to set the legislative agenda for Congress which is a power that should not be disrupted by artificial intelligence or by all the other enemies of democracy who want to change the old rules and systemize and digitize everything old so artificial intelligence can take over and politicians can lose their job.

There are many things politicians do that the public would find they don’t have the stomach for because it’s not pretty and there’s a lot of back and forth ugly politics that is between human beings and I think this is a mechanism that makes politics works and I don’t think artificial intelligence or tech Titans from technology companies should interfere with politics is between human beings and the leaders of the parties must return their powers and systems that have been handed over through Time so that party members can tow the line and party leaders can enforce measures that are important make sure things are done in Congress.

In summary the point ☝️👉👍👎👎😭🤣😂

We hope the point  system  will be final just like a child going to school. If you bring a report card that is an F you will not be re-elected.

Report cards from the fellow Democrat / Republicans  scores will be   calculated per vote.

The report card also will have a score from the other side of the aisle between democrats/ Republicans who will be able to grade the report of the fellow members of Congress which is very crucial.

A member of Congress who goes to Congress threatens other members of Congress, does whatever they want and becomes a disruption in the process of legislation and does whatever they want to undermine the entire process should get a score that suspends their membership from being reelected for a 10-year period that would be a done artificial intelligence on behalf of members behavior and A I does not feel anything it can give a death sentence to their careers to members of Congress without blinking an eye.

My favorite part is when artificial intelligence becomes judge / jury and executioner; this is the kind of sentence you should expect.

A member of Congress is not allowed to run for Congress for 10 years and is suspended from participating in the future elections because of the score that was calculated for all members of the house including all the staff that work there in Congress.

If human beings are in charge they will be a compromise even though the other side is hell bent on making sure the rain down hailstone on a member of Congress who’s just human and is just acting out.

I think the point system will allow people to stop playing politics because most of the rules right now don’t have any kind of point system but if a point system is created with common sense I think the following actions will be automatically created by humans.

 The system made by humans will be applied to  the report card and will make and break people because if you cannot do your job with respect with  your fellow lawmakers you don’t deserve to be in Washington. If you are threatening lawmakers you have no business in the holes of Congress. Not only should you be suspended,  but you should be permanently banned from ever entering the building.


Thank God for human beings because we have leadership and the point system will be made by our leaders starting with the speaker of the House and the majority leader so this system will be developed by humans.

Let’s begin at the speaker’s desk.

Report cards from the speaker of the House will be calculated and displayed.

The speaker of the house is the most powerful person and they would have a lot of influence in this report but our bipartisan volunteers in Congress will have the power to overrule the speaker if the speaker is a racist bigot / idiot who is not working in the interest of the American people and he’s just a puppet of corporations and his heartless or soulless and doesn’t love the children it’s all about the children people Nancy do you hear me?

I’m determined to make sure democracy wins if someone like Nancy pelosi who has proven herself in a leadership they will be no stopping the power that is possessed by the speaker of the house to influence this report either to the detriment of the member of Congress or to the enlightenment of that member this is just an extension tool of the political system I believe it used to be about spending money on campaigns and many other tools to keep members who want to be a team player to come back and do their job well this is an extension of that power and I plan on doing whatever I can to make sure that that point system  is without a doubt and defining Factor for the person who chooses to be a member of Congress.

Whatever rules and tools committees and elected officials have used  in the past will be reflected in this new point system  because it will an  extension of The proven strategic ways leaders of Congress have used to keep control of their party because at the end of the day there’s going to come a time when money is not going to be a problem and that’s an idea I have and it’s  called brand currency and I ask  you to take this idea very seriously because it’s going to disrupt the daily ways that we have been using money in  campaigns and  ads   because there’s more to this than you can even imagine .

Moving on to the president.

Point system controlled by  the president of the United States will be calculated and displayed.

We’re going to call for constitutional amendments that give both houses  the power to influence the president’s power to sabotage points of members of Congress.

I would love to make the bad president powerless and the good president powerful and this can only happen through the division of power in both chambers of houses through this new point system I am envisioning because it gives some power to the coming of artificial intelligence  but it keeps most of the other power between humans.

For example, if  this report card from the point system is from a good president that is doing a good job or has had a really good track record and has worked in the Congress and in the Senate with all those good  points that I earned by him or her throughout his or her  career are going to follow him automatically to the White House.

The report will automatically assume since this member of Congress has served in both chambers of the house and has received many points from their fellow members being an incredible human being who’s dedicated will automatically have power because of all those points they’ve earned in their lifetime serving both houses. 

President Joe Biden is one of those rare individuals. If the system that I am suggesting was implemented he could use all his points that he has received over time to automatically influence the report in ways members of Congress or both Chambers cannot even imagine.

For example this could literally give a member of Congress or Senate and F report and this report will automatically force that member to resign from office or even better exclude that member from running for two terms as long as he’s president especially if that member of Congress is violating ethics laws that is disrupting the agenda of the people when they have no business being there because they are a nuisance and they have no points.

The point system will give humans the tools they need to engage those who don’t belong in Congress. This is for people who have chosen to embrace hate and division and undermine democracy; they have no place in both houses of congress. This was very evident when Donald Trump was elected. Any  members of Congress who embrace hate and division and there was nothing anybody could do they added to the fever of racism and undermining democracy at every level. I have kept my points so I will use them if my points are ever accepted because I know I’m getting points for writing this and there are certain members of Congress I would like to use it against so they can resign effective immediately with no questions asked. It’s just implemented. Let me use this effectively immediately.

There are people who don’t belong in Congress and there’s a point for every time they screw up and those points should catch up with them and hang them and their career altogether you don’t deserve to be in Congress because you’re a bigot and a racist and you actions have proven that you are a threat to this country and the president of the United States and the members of the House must use all their points that they have earned throughout time in serving to show you the door.


The points are the powers of both chambers of houses every time they vote they get a point every time they do something good they get a point every time they do the opposite they get a negative point and all this points are weapons for members of Congress and the Senate to use it in our new political system so if you have served a long time you have earned a lot of points and you can weaponize those points and you can aim it at a careless congressman or woman who hates democracy and has no business being in Congress we have seen many members come cause problems in Congress in a position to build that supposed to help the people and because of the opposition bills fail to pass and we have the 2008 recession or other bills that are held back for no reason and there are no consequences if you do something to harm democracy you should get a point and that points should grow into a power that the speaker of the house can use to make all your points go to zero and show you the  the door or give them points that will shield them from opposition party because they’re going to be on all four asking for protection from their party leader because there’s some things money can’t buy and rules are among them those who write those rules and come up with this plan shall surely control the future of their houses.

And we know those points already exist through the assignment you give them

Committee Assignment points will be in full effect. Depending on how someone does they’ll be getting points that is all up to the leadership of both houses who understand that they don’t work together to make sure the system works then they will be out of power because Congress itself will have the power to give them negative points if they do not work together and achieve results that are good for everyone so everybody’s incentivized to do an excellent job.

If those powers were not enough in defining points to come with the assignment you get to pick your assignment which is a complete lie the assignment is handed to you by your leader and seniority is everything in Congress understanding so you get what you are given and you do your best because the score or the point system that comes out of your community assignment is what defines you and this will definitely be a quarterly score or point system so by the end of the two years you will know whether you’re going to be re-elected or not re-elected because we are going to be voting every quarter with the help of technology you will know whether you’re getting reelected or not because of your scores from the voter’s side because your points will not be enough an artificial intelligence will automatically fail you because your party leaders did not appreciate you not toeing the line.

The people who work in Congress have the power to issue points as well. Fortunately, some people will be excluded from having any power or participating in the point system in any way shape or form.

There will be no point issue to lobbyists and anybody who’s a political specialist even if they serve in the public good. Members of Congress will be protected from all other influences that know how to gain the system, this includes anyone who works for the media.

The media shall have no points of any kind or influence anything of any kind as a matter of fact I have plans to change the media as you know with new legislation helping YouTube which is the New Media and I’m going to be talking to Congress to set new standards to help curb misinformation and create high employment with 💰💰💰  for those who choose to be honest upstanding citizens who stand against misinformation and corruption because they’re going to be part of the volunteer team that I am envisioning because we know many journalists will be out of work and artificial intelligence has already put them out of work look at the case of YouTube or the newspaper where people used to buy newspapers the shift has been very radical.

This is about politics, it’s not about the media but I will leave a few messages to the media in general to understand that my generation will not tolerate 24-hour news cycles because we were born different.

I really believe the internet is about to change how information flows because this will significantly affect ad revenues for independent journalists, not for those who work for corporations who need to quit their job as we speak and open a YouTube channel.

People never learn from history, especially journalists. They will write it out to the end. It’s right or die. They want to get a paycheck from A system that is failing and I’m here to pull the plug.

Television ads this is what I will specialize in making sure history repeat itself because my generation on YouTube has been stepping up to the plate and it’s about time history repeats itself for all journalists who still get a paycheck and have not adjusted to the current changes fortunately I have a beautiful vision of what I’m about to do so please enjoy.

People underestimated Craigslist well in virtual reality and artificial intelligence combined with my creativity. My revenues from day one will challenge advertisers to spend their money wisely because history does repeat itself and we consider ourselves to be a startup.

I went to leave a message to all those people who didn’t see it coming but because it was all about human beings they brought down a president made history until this internet thing showed up well we have learned from history, and we’re going to make sure those human beings are not devastated by advertisement lost because we would work with Congress and YouTubers, in general, to send the point that you want humans doing all the work that’s why you get the best results.

Dear journalist, this is my reward to you. The journalist who brought down Nixon. No artificial intelligence of a computer was involved. How incredible it is when it’s humans doing all the work.

Let’s get back to the point system as you know we are engineered from the start to compete with artificial intelligence so we’re not going to get carried away let’s get back to the point system.

An internet zip code pole will be also collected and results will be displayed. And I have a very creative way of getting this data. For example, the Department of Motor Vehicles has given me a lot of ideas as to how to collect data. Not only the DMV but every other government run institution in a constituents will be conducting poles and bringing data from citizens of a specific district so we’re going to be collecting data in a way that is random with the laws of statistics to show the citizens what other citizens think of services provided and if they hate this specific service I’m sure we can tie to a member of Congress who’s not doing their job.

Virtual reality votes will also be created and displayed for every district.

The virtual reality of mixed reality this technology will go on to revolutionize everything if you think the internet was a big deal or the iPhone was a big deal well you haven’t seen this floating advertisement that’s going to be everywhere and every government building where members of Congress and the Senate will get the opportunity to advertise themselves and talk about all the good qualities they have and what they’re doing for the people reminding them how much you love them and how hard you’re working for them it’s absolutely my goal.

There’s about to be a huge technological shift and I expect to have members of Congress to open a fund for me to do what needs to be done to meet all these threats and to assess all solutions that will protect democracies and also reform politics as we know it because nothing is ever going to be the same.

This is a startup for members of Congress. They are going to be part of the startup at no cost, but they will also be a full participant in creating this system I am envisioning that will shape democracy for the rest of our lives.

Examples of technology I’m very excited about

Geolocation identification.

Watch “Google Ads Location Targeting | Expert Tips and Tricks | Google Ads Geo Targeting”  all this data has to be targeted and they have to appear in buildings and all kind of places in this new virtual reality and tech companies have a role to play but the role is to fetch not to make us run around and fetch whatever they want the power is with those who make the rules and pass the laws if we don’t pass laws that favor democracy then we’re going to be doing fetching and they’re going to be doing all the catching.

This has a potential to violate privacy at many levels but at the same time it has a lot of opportunities we are going to be identified by artificial intelligence where we are what we are doing at all times your phone already does that as a matter of fact I am suspicious about the camera that is placed on phones because I believe most of them are hacked and we’re all being recorded and our information is being stored without authorization and it’s going to be used against us but I cannot prove this but I believe the spyware does exist anyway your location identification combined with the blockchain in a decentralized artificial intelligence will be a game changer.

Members of Congress can walk into their building without any security doors will open automatically and close automatically we have seen what the Chinese have done with artificial intelligence and how they have used it to commit genocide to millions of people are being killed  who is the weaker Muslims so we expect to learn the lessons of letting technology be used by the government without the power and authority of the people.

To be an American politician is to represent freedom all over the world anybody who loves you anybody who wants to make a donation can do so as long as we continue to embrace the internet we have made a big community and we all want to be connected and we are all going to be participating in this new internet that brings new powers and new responsibilities as a private citizen I have seen what it takes to be part of something special to connect to the internet and use the internet to the powers it possesses when it comes to creative ideas.

I have used it to protect the United States of America from a crazy president and I have also pushed it to a point where I realized that laws needs to be updated and people who are creative need to be protected and a member of Congress should have definitely a way to communicate on behalf of a citizen who doesn’t want to be part of the political system,  but at the same time wants to have absolute control over his or her government where he gets to decide what the government is doing with his blog. even if that new citizen becomes the most powerful citizen America has ever seen he should have some kind of power and Congress well if he is affecting the entire country and he is interfering with the government’s ability to to do the business of the people because he can do it better than the government he should have some kind of representation and should be given every power and opportunity to be the most powerful citizen America has ever seen I’ve experienced this and I would like to protect this power and expand this power to the best of my abilities so  help me God.

This is why I will end with the following.

All voters within any district  will be issued unique IDs to contact the congressman in issues relating to international matters and they can use the office to conduct business and to represent the United States through their congressman so that they are shielded from all political dangers that come with engaging international politics.

Give an example to congressmen and women who are born without the internet and have never faced a revolution and to use the internet to defend freedom and hopes of democracy and regime. A girl in Chicago has done that, and I’m so proud of her.

Watch “#chicagoGirl – Official Trailer [HD]” on YouTube

You can imagine what it felt like to see The most butch of Syria being welcomed as if nothing happened.

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I can tell you that just like this Chicago girl I have my own blog as well and I have been challenging the world and myself and using my creativity and I have accomplished more than I could ever imagine just like that Syrian girl in Chicago who was doing her best I was doing the same with my blog and my tweets dealing with the dangers of Donald Trump and everything in between.

So I need Congress to wake up we have new citizens who have grown up with the powers of the internet and they’re able to shape the future this new generation needs your help in passing on the torch in making sure democracy lives on and all the tools that come with technology and all the responsibilities that come with all this powers for this new generation is giving every chance to be successful that’s what I really need from you and all of this is just a display of that creativity because I tried doing it on my blog and it wasn’t big enough it was just a drop in the noise but this creative work should get your attention make you sit down and listen to me and give me all the tools I need to be successful and give you some rough draft ideas that you can think about and begin to implement and create the future for the rest of us this is what it’s all about.

I want to end with the statement of power to the people: this is a free country and any citizen has the right to be as powerful and as free as they possibly can and I intend to be as powerful and as free as humanly possible.

It is true that artificial intelligence will take over everything and the human beings will not be considered to be at a level of intelligence that artificial intelligence will possess but the Muslim community has other ideas as to why they can never come close to the human being because it is not the knowledge that can be inherited from us that will make us irrelevant but it’s about the soul I’m the struggles God has created for the human being to have all the flaws they need to become an instrument of God and to do what no computer will ever do or ever comprehend that human beings are from out of this world and I have evidence to prove it in my religion so there’s much to discuss why a human being is greater than any computer.

I plan on proving artificial intelligence is wrong, that the creative spirit that God has created within human beings can always do the impossible and that’s why I’m setting an impossible goal for myself which I want everybody who’s afraid of artificial intelligence to embrace.

 Since Donald Trump was elected I’m happy to say that I used my creativity to influence the White House unfortunately I was only successful some of the time especially when my people needed me the most the Muslim community.

I think a great moment in history is being overlooked. An immigrant with a blog and with a connection to the internet had the opportunity to influence the most powerful man in history while he was president.

Sometimes I used to feel that I was literally running the country from my blog because I told the president not to think too much and if there’s any problems I would be the first one to write a blog about it to take a bite at the problem and suggest many solutions whereby he can look around and just pick the best person who comes up with the most creative idea just like a shop donut shop 

🍩🍩🍩 😆😆😆  That’s what the cops do anyway right LOL.

So what I’m saying they were moments that I was the president and I made the decisions because I would present the best decision and the president had no choice but to accept it and follow my advice as I like to call it because it was the best that most creative advice and I think that is a moment that’s never going to be lost with me most of you don’t know but just wait for the documentary. Unfortunately I can tell you even I was not 100% successful with Donald Trump because  if it wasn’t Trump being a narcissist and doing everything humanly possible to completely descend into the sewers of politics where I followed him and I was affected by all the negative externalities to the point where even I had a breakdown and I just have to stop because people should know their limits and some people have a tolerance in descending into the sewer system of politics and they can say and do things and stay there swimming and making decisions until they become part of the sewer system and you have no choice but to exit and come back to society because you value your psychological and emotional state.

Every single person who did their best to support this country when Donald Trump was president did have some kind of psychological and emotional breakdown especially if you chose to fully embrace him and try to guide a man who’s just used to going to the sewers of politics he took many people down there and many people did not last all of them turned into towel and went back to their lives where they can keep part of the humanity and sanity because it was a madhouse and not many people survived this experiment.

My blog and my tweets and I get to make final decision on everything as long as I do it in a democratic way no one should limit my creativity to do what needs to be done if people don’t have the vision or the tenacity to do things they should let the most powerful citizen America has seen in the last century is do what he needs to do without getting in the way.

Well I guess this brings us to the end ultimately we human beings have leaders and those leaders when they come along they do change things we have seen what the Carnegie’s or the roosevelts or even the Kennedys have done to this country I certainly have plans for this country and you can count me among them because the I have already change world.

  Now I plan on firing in all cylinders with creativity soul and  will unleash on this creative soul on every artificial intelligence that’s coming prove that human beings are not worthless and they can’t replace us at every level we have scientists to speak like this shame on them what do you call this piece of art right now that you’re reading you think artificial intelligence will be too smart and we humans are just going to be relegated to be animals this is the kind of talk that makes me sick most of these people who are developing this artificial intelligence this is what they’re saying and thinking we are just nothing to them.

 To all those scientists who think this way and doing everything they can to prepare the machines to take over I’m going to do my best prove to you and the rest of the world that humans possess talent that no machine will ever possess and this humble 

A private citizen currently a truck driver is doing all of this while working the 70 hour job.

I will make a bowl prediction that every time they push AI a new update and intelligence gets smarter and does something amazing I will be right there doing something much more creative and beautiful And  I will be considered among the founding fathers of the future and I will have my own library just like any other president where I will be remembered because my presidential museum is in the cloud it’s my blog , it’s my tweets , it’s my all tears and suffering in acquiring skills that new robot can ever claim.

I am talking about moving hearts and minds like Kennedy did with his frontier speech fortunately I believe artificial intelligence will do exactly what I am predicting in making sure I have a special place in history regardless of what people think because at the end of the day it is people who move mountains and I am among those who will move many mountains so please join me in this journey because I am only getting started.

If you loser scientist who did not get carried away and you say is a lousy effort the website is not perfect and there’s been grammatical errors and you don’t see the heart and the beauty that should really be worthy of such praise well i forgot to say well I am a member of those people who are working on the house of wisdom what is responsible for all the technological advances that humanity enjoys today in the 21st century we got that contribution still be in the dark ages and not a single one of us would have the technological enjoyment we have today.

I want to conclude by giving you a preview of the other work that I’m doing which are much more proud of because this is tiny compared to what I’m really working on so that you can have a lot of confidence when you meet me in Congress that 

Give you my promise I am 

Going to all the Neutering on all the tech companies trust me I have not shown you my full resume I know exactly what to do to do these people who are threatening our democracy and could they have everything under control I have all the tools I need to make sure we regain control from all these tech companies who are threatening or democracy and our lives you have my word which is  Neutering, from the Latin neuter, is the removal All tech companies reproductive organ  advances in artificial intelligence I will rip the AI heart 🫀🤖👾🫀🤖👾 🫀🤖👾🫀 from the artificial intelligence either all of it or a considerably large part so that the damage that tech companies are expecting to make is not total and absolute they will be domesticated so they can be part of our lives not destroy us.

All this work is an extension

 The House of wisdom and politics is nothing but a puzzle and I’m just giving solutions to that puzzle. This is what it’s all about. Thank you for your time, have a good day and expect more changes that will be changing your life forever.

If you want to see what I’m working on you can go to the following websites and that should give you an idea of what I’m trying to do don’t look at these political challenges something big that i will not neuter I promise you this is not a big deal check out my other work and I will see you in Congress if you’re interested you can reach out through our  Twitter account

Because we made sure we followed you and only you and you have the opportunity to communicate with us if you’re interested all you have to do is like the tweet and we will be in contact with you.

If you’re not interested please don’t like the tweets. I’m just pretending we don’t exist because we will work with those people who love us and are interested in hearing about the future and creating a better world for everyone.

If you’re interested all you have to do is like the tweet and as soon as I can find some time when my shift is over I will contact your office and call you and we’ll set up something and we’ll begin a general discussion what the future holds and what is it that you can teach me that I can learn because currently, I am working on domesticating politics in general by doing creative work that is I’m doing the damage that’s been done by politics starting with children.

I have a comic book that I have on Amazon you can check it out if you can’t afford one don’t worry I will buy it for you when I see you but it would be better if you do get it so that if I become shy and uncomfortable you have something to work with to excite me and and do this human flaw that can make me nervous and head for the exit.

I will leave the book down here and you can get it from Amazon.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to look at the hard work and the creative spirit of a person who loves his country and wants to protect it from internal and external threats by using all the creative gifts that God has blessed him with through the blessed family which I thank call the blessing and prayers I received I will be eternally grateful because if it wasn’t for you and the circle I would never be here and I would not be doing what I’m doing.

Anyway, my beloved congressman and women thank you for reading this I hope you have been inspired and I’m looking forward in talking to you and working with you and also making new co-founders of this new idea I have so you guys can contribute because currently I’m dealing with the children problems because when it comes to politics even though I have dealt with it from far it’s not the same when you walk the halls of Congress and you work on a project and collaborate and you visit the places of your heroes and the offices and you get inspired that’s something I’m looking forward to doing to all those people who are going to be reaching out to me cuz I really do want to go to Indian Johnson’s office or President Kennedy’s faces and places of great people so I can be inspired to write adult comic book.

Anyway he has some few links I’m going to leave you with starting with the comic book.

Check this out on Amazon

it’s time to bring Justice into politics.: Solution to politics for children and adults.

I leave you with the House of wisdom which is my crown jewel I hope to resurrect the House of wisdom that is responsible for all the technology that we enjoy today from computers to cars there would be no Aristotle or the Renaissance so a lot depends on the House of wisdom being resurrected and built and this is something Congress can definitely help me with as well if you look at this project it has all the meetings of greatness and it is the parent that has given birth to this artwork that you have found intriguing.

So please check out the house of wisdom as well because without the House of wisdom there is no which is a startup you’re a part of when you get shares in it hopefully it will go on to become a hit because I know members of Congress our lovers of democracy and freedom and your support anyone who’s doing anything to protect our democracy and freedom so I expect your support and I expect to get a lot of love hearts from my tweets that have come to you.

All you have to do is like the tweet that I sent to you and I will be in contact with you as soon as it’s feasible for me to do some.

Again if you don’t like the work and you’re not interested don’t like the tweet this will tell us you’re not interested and we leave you alone to continue the beautiful amazing work that’s keeping you busy from this work which I want to know what is that all about?

Anyway here are the links that point to the work that I’m doing you want to pay attention to both of them closely because I pray to God to bless me with success with certain challenges and those challenges have been blessed to become a success I’ll just give you a list so that you understand what is this all about.

Plan was to change the world and I made my list and my art and my motto was I hope to create a place where dreaming ideas are stitched together to change the world and I think I have achieved that.

5 years ago when I got started on this journey I made that and I chose to take three things that I wanted to accomplish which was the news or data as I like to call it politics that I wanted to reshape under money that I wanted to use my creative blessing through my religion to make people more valuable than money itself which I think I have achieved in all this projects anyway I leave you with the projects some of them are halfway done some of them are done completely you can check them out below.

House of wisdom


Money 💰🤑💰🤑💰

Thank you for your time God bless you my dear Congressional men and women who are dedicated to preserving democracy and promoting freedom.

I now turn to the public because this is being done in public we have to shape the future we have to create that volunteer army I’m going to need your name your ZIP code and what is it that you can do that makes you special if you have a resume or if you are interested and you’re willing to give everything you got we’re building a new brand with a new national anthem and you are going to be part of it because you are the boss.

You’re the one who does cast the vote to elect public officials to represent you in the chambers of Congress in the Senate and you have the power to elect the president so the power is with you as a citizen if I am successful in organizing millions of people from different backgrounds then the movement will start and I will tell you about my ideas how every citizen regardless of background sex color personal preference can be represented in a new system where we human beings play an important role where we get to acknowledge our differences and find a balance where what we care about is connected and we’re not divided by politicians because of what emotions.

We are emotional characters and politicians have taken advantage of us and there’s always something that politicians can say to cause division to adults. I think I’ve done a great job in addressing politics for children and I think you should check it out because it will give you an idea what I’m capable of.

When I write the adult version I think he will have a whole new appreciation of what I’m able to do and say in the world of politics and what the future holds for the rest of us.

I will demonstrate that I can creatively tell a story to every adult that all your opinions and ideas are going to be respected regardless whether you are wrong or right. The fact that you’re an adult and you’re not crazy gives you the right to have your own sets of beliefs and ideas shaped by your environment.

It doesn’t matter what you identify as I’m talking to the pronoun people here. I’m a man of God and I love professor Peterson LOL so let’s just say that I have my own red lines that I’m not willing to cross but we all live on the same planet.

Data coming out about businesses abusing people or destroying the environment should be made available towards everyone and everyone should work towards common goals in making the world a better place.

We have a lot of ideas and perspectives that are shaped by our experiences as human beings depending on what kind of life we have lived and what road we have been on and that journey shapes who We are and we have to respect that.

I respect every human being because first they are the creation of God before you assigned yourself a gender or a sexual preference you are a human being and your soul was created and brought down by angels and you are only temporarily here in this world and you’re going through a lot of struggles and those struggles do manifest themselves in this journey of life when you get to identify yourself with many ideologies that has nothing to do with being a human being.

The labels that you put on yourself are of your own choosing from the religion you choose to represent to the sexual orientation that you are fighting for that you want religious organization to acknowledge I like to call all of this to be represented in a new system that I call it’s not personal it’s politics.

I’m going to set an example what do you need to do as an individual to make sure members of Congress do not ignore us think the healthcare debate that happened at the Obama was just crazy well that was just for old people who call themselves The tea party and it wasn’t for my tax generation hours will be most sophisticated and I hope to set an example.

I hope to bring Justice through my comic books but also through simple ideas I have, which is that adults need to be respected and they need to be part of a new program that will turn politics into a beautiful sport between adults.

This is the Vince Lombardi trophy and we have done very well in putting on our team’s jerseys and we have gone on to love our teams and give our hearts to our teams and shed tears for our teams and we have found a way to get back to our normal lives as if nothing ever happened in the world of sports and that’s exactly what I want to do politics in general.

All the tools for us to be successful in dealing with this danger of politics are already beneath our noses. It’s the blessing of God that I can point this out and rearrange all the problems that are posed by politics.

Politics is nothing but a game so stop crying because by the time Donald Trump shows up we’re going to have a new generation answering the call of this new year, and you have my promise you will go back to your normal life just like you have done in football or basketball because politics will be domesticated 

Politics is nothing but a fantasy sport between human beings, and we need to find our way back to our humanity, and we need to make sure this monster known as politics that has gone crazy is domesticated, and I have plans, so be hopeful.

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So I’m going to end this with a YouTube channel that I made because I’m a private person I believe in taking action not staring at the camera and talking nonsense 24/7 this generation everybody can talk endlessly, but it takes the unique skill to be patient to write something beautiful and to guide people and to solve problems that seem impossible.

Expect the majority of the members of congress not to contact me and not to leave me any likes so like they say don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Keep an eye on the Twitter account because if a member of your constituents decide not to like my tweet and all the beauty and effort that has been put into this work open up YouTube channel wait for them when they come back and record all the debates and everything because I’ve already started to do that with my seven district in Georgia.

So here’s the YouTube channel get ready we’re going to domesticate politics together through the tools and technologies that are already available to us and we’re going to meet in a Hangouts millions of millions of people from their homes and I’m going to be talking to you about my ideas and plans and we’re going to create that door to door movement are we going to change everything so check out my channel and keep an eye on the Twitter account if you representative does not respect my efforts in helping them meet the challenges we are all facing don’t say a word they just open your YouTube channel and let the pressure build up just like that healthcare debate that took place in this country but this time it’s going to be from people who are cool and calculated and have a plan for the future it’s not just emotions it’s a long-term plan to bring a real solutions to real problems if that’s what you are about then you can come along if that’s not what you’re about please stay away.

Subscribe because I have a surprise for you you’re going to love it ❤️❤️💯 leave a comment and let’s begin this change.

I have the link on this channel for you on YouTube.

 “it’s personal it’s politics” on YouTube

Thank you everyone for taking time to read all of this I know that as we move on to this new world of virtual reality and artificial intelligence we’re going to have new leaders take the mantle of leadership and guide people in the New direction so that we can all find peace without new leaders inspiring hearts and minds the lights will never go on and everything will always be dark without the blessing of God all of this would never happen so I want to thank the owner of the universe.

When I see God I’m talking about the creator of the universe the one who’s not contained in space or time the one who’s not a man or a woman the one who cannot be seen by the eyes the one who cannot be imagined by the mind if you cannot and the universe you can never encompass God who created such a vast creation.

If you want to be part of the volunteer team send me all your details let’s get this show rolling if you’re a volunteer and believe in this vision and you want to make this happen let’s go nothing is stopping You shoot me an email at 

its personal its politics

Anyway check out my work that I love but one world one page because the world needs to be put on a page and no problems needs to be listed to work on each of them bring one solution after the other that’s what that is all about check it out thank you for reading let’s make our world a better place by finding solutions to problems I’m not making excuses that is what hope to inspire everyone I hope you are inspired and you will follow my lead to bring change to this world that is display needed thank you for your time God bless and goodbye.

We are non-profit organization that will help elected officials and the public find solutions to challenges posed by artificial intelligence.