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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

What can you do for your country?

Message from CEO of Us house

In the Name of God , Most Gracious, Most merciful


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu 

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  especially to all elected officials in the Congress and the Senate and to everyone People of planet Earth.


 My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country?

Ask what you can do for your country, not what the country can do for you. A quote by President Kennedy that we have taken seriously at the house of wisdom and we have chosen to solve the problems in the arena of the political stage and we believe we have a solution.

The House of wisdom is where problems are solved solutions that are creative are tailor-made for everyone around the world it doesn’t matter what the problem is if there’s a solution we’re going to find it and we’re going to stitch it because it’s what we do at the house of wisdom which is stitch  dreams and ideas together and if you’re able to stitch  dreams and ideas together there’s no problem we can’t solve especially in politics for example:

We hope to introduce a new app that will be built up from the ground up with artificial intelligence but controlled by humans every step of the way  that will without a doubt take the current political system in a new direction  meaning the way we vote and elect public officials will change  the point system we explained in our us house plan will fully implemented by politicians very soon also  what we did not tell you is voters will be part of the point system as well let’s give you a

For example the moment the user signs up there will be questions and depending how they answer those questions there will be given a custom user interface that prioritizes what they consider to be near and dear to their heart.

Citizens will also be connected to other citizens because this is about changing how data flows because it doesn’t matter what your political party is. The environment is something that affects everyone so there will be an environmental score to the individual  to evaluate themselves and also to their elected member who they put in office.

Just like an uber ride where you get to rate your driver and the driver gets to rate we hope our app will open the door of influence within the system for everyone.

We feel the doors of opportunity are closed in the world of politics and money has flooded into the system and the people have been marginalized so we wanted to eliminate all the power money brings to the political table through our new app which will be under the US House plan app that we are designing currently.

We are never going to accept any donation from corporations or wealthy elites who want control of the systems because we want to undo the damage that was done by the United Citizen case opening the floodgates to political contributions those who don’t know anything about this please Watch “How Citizens United Got Us Trump | Robert Reich” on YouTube

We hope the app will replace how people vote because it will have so much authentication that election lines will be things of the past.

We envision a future where accountability is verified and scored in a new system because we don’t have a choice in that matter we have to get politics in the same page and we have to get things done we cannot have one politician who in a pretends to work with other lawmakers  in a bill that has taken many years to create to save the environment and unfortunately because he’s depending on political campaign donations for re-elections he or she put their interest above the interest of the planet and everyone who’s living in it.

We hope the point system that we have introduced will be implemented, but also new points that will automatically lock voters’ choice ahead of time sealing the Fate of that lawmaker who betrayed the team to a point where it makes him or her uneligible from even running for office again. People are sent to Washington to get things done to make this world a better place and if he’s someone who wants to be bold enough to betray their fellow lawmakers and be double-faced and pull out of the last minute so nothing is done because they’ve been pretending to play along wasting everybody’s time the penalty will be Swift and severe because we don’t have to wait until election time comes around because we are going to be in a new system because the point system will come into play that little maker first will get a negative for report card and that report card immediately will be displayed with voters and the voters will immediately vote against that specific politician meaning the sword will swing so hard on the political career of that politician was double-faced because voter will have an immediate impact on those who betray their breach of trust that they have been given to go to Washington and get things done. If they become an obstacle the system that we have designed will make sure they never come back to Washington.

So that is a summary of what we hope to do in general to solve the problems with politics. We should expect a new app to be making a debut very soon we’re going to be working with lawmakers to getting their feedback on the point system so they can begin to draft the laws that are necessary to make it a reality so the report card can be ready so by the time the app is also ready the entire system will find all cylinders and will have a lift off because we all came together to solve a problem and we all achieved it because we chose to work as a team and embrace the challenges I thought artificial intelligence has brought without losing the human touch.

We pray that elected officials from both houses will not shrink from the responsibilities because artificial intelligence is here to stay and the old ways will not do anymore we have to come together as a country to deal with the challenges that is brought by the official intelligence and we have to design a system that makes us to never lose control We Believe artificial intelligence is that threat but it is a threat that can be managed. We do not want our elected members to ever lose their jobs or to be replaced by an algorithm. We are anti algorithm and anti artificial intelligence but we also understand that the future must be stitched up in a way that reflects artificial intelligence and humans working together which is our goal. With that said you can visit the House of wisdom and take a look at other projects that we’re working on because the timetable that is used to calculate math for the Arabic numerals that have gone on to change the world is all from the house of wisdom. There is no scientific advancement that has been made in this century that is not from the House of wisdom. We really urge you to take a look at that new house of wisdom that’s taking on challenges solving problems no one has been able to not because they’re not smart enough but because they’re not brave enough or creative enough to understand it takes a human who’s willing to fail and work with other humans tirelessly to come up a solution that fits humans. We have left the website link below.

We now hand over the platform to the CEO of this platform and he will tell you who he is and what his journey has been in creating this and when you can expect in the future he will go into a personal story and tell you everything about him and what this journey is all about.

We don’t endorse everything he says, but we encourage our project managers to say and do whatever it takes to save the world with that said we hand it over to him. A Message to elected officials from the CEO of Us house plan.

My name is Abdul-Jabbar ibn Yusuf ibn Omar ibn Abdul Karim I am one of the product managers and dreamweavers who solve problems to make this world a better place politics has been given to me and it’s been an exciting project to deal with so I wanted to share my story with you..

I am currently working on an adult comic book and here’s the cover page

The comic book is to revive great leaders who have distinguished themselves in meeting the challenges of our time and there’s no president in the history of the United States that can be compared to President Kennedy.

Kennedy is  featured in the comic book and we hope to restore all the glory of the past  reminding  people of the past did have greater challenges then we have today but they chose to rise up to those challenges and never  shrinking or making excuses for all the problems that were put on the table they met all the problems head-on and that is part of my plan to revive and recreate a story of all the challenges Americans faced and all the heroes who have stepped up without  making no excuses which hopefully will inspire our own country to understand that we have done great things in the past and we will continue to do great
things so our comic book is still under production, but we have the children’s edition available and we hope that you will check it out because if there have been any victims in the political theater it’s the children.

The election of Donald Trump hailed in a new era where everybody was victimized because of verbal attacks from the president that were echoed by the media system where children are not protected.

We chose not to shrink some responsibilities of undoing this damage to children in general.

We chose to create a hero and to tell the Creator’s story that will undo the damage that was done to children in this system we are also weaving ideas to take it into a new direction which is the media system or the new the system as they call it which we already have a solution for.

The damage that was done by politics to children is an issue that no one has stepped up to take on and we have taken that challenge on by creating a comic book for children and adults dealing with politics in general and we think that’s a really good beginning to solve the problems and the damage that has been done to children via politics our solution in the comic book addresses all the damages that were done by adults who withdrew the adult card forgetting that there are children present and the political arena does have ethics meaning that there are certain things that always said behind closed doors between politicians and there is a side of politics that we present to the whole world including children that makes it more pleasant and inspiring.

President Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson are the best examples of what all of this is all about and we can’t wait to finish the adult comic book but we hope you will check out how we chose to tackle the problem of politics for children and adults in general. The cover book is below because it’s a piece of art and it tells you about a solution that we are going to be implementing in the app which is something we don’t talk about because we are not going to give all our creative ideas so somebody can just copy us but we are very confident that our ideas are so unique no one will ever come close in matching Us and how creative we are and when tackling all these problems that politics has brought.

it’s time to bring Justice into politics.: Solution to politics for children and adults.

The following statement and stories are handed over to the product manager of this project who solves some of the solutions but anything he says is not affiliated with the House of wisdom because the House of wisdom is a place where dreams and ideas are stitched together and if anybody is successful in stitching ideas and dreams they’re giving the full authority to take over that program and attach their personal stories to make that product successful that’s what we are One world One Page we hand it over to project managers and anything he says can’t be associated with the house of wisdom and all its work.

Thank you for reading this. We now hand it over to the CEO of our house plan we believe his storytelling and ideas he has how to make this a reality is good enough as a result we have decided to handle this program for him because his story is a part of this idea of stitching dreams and ideas together.

Hi everyone 👋🙂🙂

My name Abdul-Jabbar ibn Yusuf ibn Omar ibn Abdul Karim. you can follow me on Twitter.

Here is the link.

Hopefully the future will be in a system where we don’t have to introduce ourselves, we will all be connected and we will all have an equal playing field so we can all compete for any success in making dreams and ideas come true for everyone.

I’m a product manager at One world on-page and I have been blessed to be on this journey to get the chance to stitch dreams and ideas together to solve problems I’ve been part of many other projects, but this is my favorite one because it is the toughest problem that the world is facing and without this problem being solved nothing is going to work we’re talking about the environment or going to war for the wrong reasons. Politics is the most important puzzle in my puzzle book and I was very excited when I was able to stitch all of these ideas 💡 into a  personal story so I’m going to take you through my journey and tell you everything about this project.

Anything I say should not be associated with one world one page it’s a place where everybody is welcome to stitch their dreams and ideas together and if anybody does a good job they’re given the opportunity to take over what they stitched up with the support of one world one page so please everything I say is my opinion and my opinion only.

I want to begin by congratulating politicians in general for dedicating their life to serving our country. I believe there’s nothing nobler than being a public servant.

Most people forget a politician is a person active in party politics, or a person holding or seeking an elected office in government. Politicians propose, support, reject, and create laws that govern the land and, by extension, its people. Broadly speaking, a politician can be anyone who seeks to achieve political power in a government.

My mission statement is to create an organization that will help politics and politicians return to their former glory where politics and politicians were idolized because they did not shrink from their responsibility in promoting freedom and liberty around the world unfortunately under Donald Trump we have gone through a tremendous challenge to the point where most people don’t remember the glorious Days of President Kennedy and the momentous struggles we had against communism in the global stage.

We face many challenges from the environment to dictatorship countries like China who are trying to suffocate the child in the crib known as freedom or Liberty  in every part of the world introducing authoritarian governments style of system just like the Soviet Union was doing. We find ourselves at the gates of History and many why to describe ushering in New era that the nation was dealing with especially when they were dealing with Communism  I believe the term that was introduced was the the iron curtain by Western Churchill but today it is the iron fist or the iron firewall that is determined to destroy freedom and liberty around the world.

The great news is that the United States of America has an incredible history of producing leaders that answer the call and the challenge to take the entire country in a different direction and not shrinking from that responsibility but welcoming all the challenges it is wasting and I hope to do that I pray to God I am blessed to never shrink you from any responsibilities that the United States will face in the future moving forward.

All the solutions God has given us in a basket that is being preserved in our  history and all we have to do is pray and reach into that basket and we will find great heroes who have done the same thing which is challenging themselves and  the world  a good example is President Kennedy one of my heroes who said  Ask what you can do for your country, not what the country can do for you. Well, I have decided to answer that question by building the US House plan and sharing with you all the ideas.

Ultimately my mission statement with us houses the plan is to build a university where democracy is protected from misinformation and enemies within the country and outside the country so freedom and liberty can prosper.

In order to do that, I have chosen to look around the internet and I found one organization that represents what I want to do I wanted to share that video with you all.

Watch “Introducing TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing” on YouTube

Since I want to be an exact copy of Ted I wanted to share their mission statement.

What is TED-Ed?

TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world. Everything we do supports learning — from producing a growing library of original animated videos to providing an international platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons, to helping curious students around the globe bring TED to their schools and gain presentation literacy skills, to celebrating innovative leadership within TED-Ed’s global network of over 650,000 teachers. TED-Ed has grown from an idea worth spreading into an award-winning education platform that serves millions of teachers and students around the world every week. I have to accomplish the same thing they have done through education but where we differ is we don’t just educate we create a very good draft and we pursue that draft until it becomes a solution. So we are going to be taking people out of the classrooms and giving them projects to pursue until that problem is solved. It is good and wonderful to give people the tools to learn in a classroom setting and celebrate innovative leadership and give teachers the tools they need in spreading ideas that are worth sharing. But what is the point of sharing ideas if they never leave the classroom if no one does something great with them that’s where we come around we’re going to take what they have done but we’re going to turn all those ideas into reality we don’t just want to inspire people we want them to go out and change the world and that is going to be our mission statement we combined it with theirs because it just fits perfectly what we were trying to do?

So we’re going to get out of that classroom admission statement and actually make this idea a reality and how we’re going to do that is connect with all politicians who love democracy and all the freedom it brings and I wanted to work with them to promote freedom and democracy throughout the world.

I believe the only way we can do that is to separate our political system from Tech Giants or Tech Titans who control everything.

I believe our government has failed our politicians in general when it comes to technology and I will start with my own district and give examples District 7 Name :Bourdeaux
, Carolyn

Caroline who’s from the 7th district and as a Muslim I believe we have seven heavens and her name happens to be Caroline which is somehow connected to the Kennedys so I think all of this is not a coincidence, but it was all meant to be.

Anytime Caroline wants to contact her constituents she has to use Facebook to make that notification and as we all know Facebook is a cancer to democracy. Too much power has been handed over to them and they have caused damage beyond repair to our democracy and to bring this point home I have a video that I want to share.

Please Watch “Facebook’s Fight Against Fake News During The 2020 Election” on YouTube

 I am going to make a commitment that all those members who served both houses would be held to a higher standard with everything they say on their page.

We are the replacement for Facebook. We want to move politics out of Facebook and into a domain where adversaries do not have the opportunity to undermine our democracy.

So each page will be upgraded for every member of the House Congress or the Senate. It doesn’t matter. We want you to understand that this startup is a gift to democracy and it is a pushback against billionaires and tightens technology where they own everything and elected officials have no say of any kind.

This is a startup from a private citizen to the elected politicians of our time. I am extending my hand to you and your offices to work directly with your staff and to begin to build this so that our democracy is protected from foreign and domestic adversaries.

Any member of Congress or senator who has stood up and undermined democracy will be limited in their ability to influence this program because this program is inspired by great people of the past and their contributions to history such as President Kennedy himself and because this one is going to be an educational place because we now have to educate the public what democracy is and what is our role and responsibilities as citizens and

politicians we have to undo the damage that has been done by Donald Trump and the only way we can do that is to have a space and a place where you are surrounded by the great people of this country who are the lightning rod that would help us make this change and I want to give you an example because once we set up this page and  someone signs up we’re going to know whether they know anything about democracy

Because we’re going to ask basic questions and this will give our system the opportunity to serve information to that user who has signed up according to their level of understanding if they don’t know anything about democracy or the past president or the struggles this country has gone through they will get a chance to get a beautiful detailed information that is according to their taste and language so that up to date and we don’t want to be a burden to people some people don’t want to know the entire history of the United States I know it’s accomplishments but we do want them at least to understand the civic duty and why it is important to vote and participate in our political process and what services that they can gain from their members of Congress or Senate.

We have millions of citizens who don’t even know that they can reach out to  an elected official who can help them with many things. I was among those people I never reached out to Congress all my life and no one ever told me that elected official could do something and that’s the case for millions of immigrants who have migrated to the United States that need this information and we hope to prioritize them to let them know that elected officials can do something about your issues.

The app we’re going to build automatically will give them who their congressman is because with the redistring that’s always changing even the voters have a hard time finding out who’s the congressman who are they going to be holding accountable and what kind of report card is going to be displayed for them sometime the report card will be against them are for them depending on the circumstance and the performance of the elected official.

The work we hope to do when all of this is said and done it’s to revive our great heroes in this country to take their voices and challenges and put them in a new animation that will inspire everyone around the world and we will translate it to every language and use the blessing and power of God that he gave to past politicians in this country who understood the meaning of freedom and liberty and we are so proud of the JFK library for being creative we just cannot stop watching this video it was one of the main foundation stones that forced me to understand something needs to be done the past needs to be represented with all its glory and might this video does exactly what we hope to do in the coming future.

Most of you have already seen this but this is the kind of work I inspire to do to go into the history books and make great speeches and add animations on to the work and I hope to partner up with   JFK library and I
will be contacting them as well because as I have told you in the beginning this will end up being moreover in an educational thing that will be  like a university of politics in general.

This is going to be the campaign of my life to speak to politicians and tell them yes all of you are more experienced and you know everything about politics in general and you don’t need me and yes I need you because without you then outside forces will get involved and this is not going to be good for our country.

Consider me the inexperienced Kennedy and consider yourself to be the experienced legendary leader of our time Lyndon Johnson who was more qualified to be president over Kennedy yet he chose for the good of the country to go with someone who was more eloquent and was able to capture hearts so that the country can be inspired.

I miss the old days when politicians would stand on top of cars and talk to anyone and shake anybody’s hand and listen to everyone those days are gone I have put so much effort yet I’m yet to hear from a single member of Congress or Senate not just hearing you have refused to follow her account you have  refused to like the Twitter account what does it take to get public officials get excited about democracy and solutions that might help our country?

Well I thought about this and maybe by watching this video will inspire you to reach out to me and work with me directly.

Watch “IFP:12 John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson at Chance Vought” on YouTube

What I want is to work with your staff and to take the current work as  and to begin pushing information about what you’re doing in your regular emails instead of you telling people to sign up they can just go to that page and they can always be updated because the current system where you are signing up and you’re going through all this emails just to get an update with your congressman is up to it’s not working out especially as we move on to this world of virtual reality and mixed reality control by artificial intelligence we are way off the Mark we are not ready in any way for motion so it is up to me as a private citizen to take on
this challenges and make sure we are successful as a country.

When I tell you I tried writing this open letter and sending it to you to the one of your members of Congress and I try to do this with the utmost respect and without causing waves or trying to start a trend because this was something personal between me and God so I tried my best to keep this below the radar  that is why only one tweet was sent to every member of Congress and and one of you followed the Twitter account and we requested for his email and he chose to give it to us and we sent him this open letter.

I wrote an email to Mr Troy and I requested that he forward that to all members of Congress and he chose immediately to unfollow the Twitter account and pretend nothing was going on so I took that personal because he is an elected official who’s undoing his following on Twitter and then refusing to answer a simple email explaining his position and leaving me in a state that’s not good because I’m trying to change the political system and he is a member of Congress  who showed interest and then some who went silent.

Silence is a form of punishment. As a formal correctional officer I have learned that the worst thing you can do to humans is to cut them off from the beautiful voices that come with conversations that bring about ideas to change the world. So anybody who remains silent moving forward their report card will show That they are not following that they remain silent in a time where a private citizen was reaching out to them and they refused not only to follow the Twitter account and  like their own page , but  also they chose not to be part of the history books because they will all be remembered as those elected officials who remain silent forever.

I told you that I wrote an open letter and I have no idea whether you’re ready or not but I have my home on the internet I blog that I have been using to change the world and to support democracy around the world. I hope every member of Congress and the Senate goes to my blog and reads the open letter that never got to them.

I was hoping for a change. I wanted officials to be ahead of everyone and receive an open letter to review the website and get back to me immediately because they love democracy and protecting freedom around the globe unfortunately that’s not what happened I was given the silent treatment.

If President Kennedy was here I would have already been in the white house and I would have been given a subsidy to pursue this idea because I am doing it in the name of freedom and democracy. Unfortunately, that has not happened. That’s how history will remember the president and every elected official because I know many years from now and they will be reading these words that I have complained that elected officials of our time have given me the silent treatment despite the creative work that has been put in front of them.

I will admit I am working a full-time job so I didn’t contact every single person but I did send every single one of them are tweet and in this age where Twitter is the new age of communication I believe it’s enough effort giving my current circumstance but you can consider this another opportunity that I am reaching out to you and telling you please reach out to me and follow the US House plan and let’s make something great for the American people.

It’s very unfortunate I have to say the following because by now I have to find a counterbalance if I continue to receive the silent treatment so I want you to remember the following.

It is very easy for me to find anybody who’s running against every member of Congress and the Senate and just push your profiles down and put them up there and then take an advertising budget and wait for this thing to turn into a storm and have the entire house of the Senate and Congress re-elected and replaced by new members who are willing to follow the dream that this is the United States of America we are elected one vote at a time if that is what I need to do to get my message across then that is exactly what I’m going to do because I am the kind of person before I do anything I will explain to you what is it that you’re doing wrong and if you continue in what you’re doing going to spell it out for you what exactly I’m going to do to you and then I follow up on my promise.

Fortunately, we have not reached such a stage that I have to do this this is why I’m driving this open letter to you now preaching to you for the second time and telling you that Facebook is the enemy and I do not have a Facebook account either do I promote anything that I do on that platform or any other platform that’s controlled by a technology company that can silence me and swallows me like a whale.

What I’ve decided is to find my own unique voice and have a house on the internet and the only thing I could come up with was Google blogs.

I want you to read the open letter on my blog that was addressed to you that you never got because one of the members of Congress decided to just back out and that’s how history will remember him.

OMAR ARIZONA: This email is addressed to Congress.

I have a home on the internet and not even one member of Congress or the Senate has a place they call home. Well, I want to tell you about my house has been so influential that it has made me reach Great heights without being noticed and that is now what I am going to begin to talk about so that you seriously understand who I am and what I have been able to accomplish so far so that you might want to take your page and put it in my book because not only am I going to be in the history books I’m going to be remembered for generations to come as the man who answered the call of democracy when it was attacked from all sides and I hope you will be among those few elected officials who stood with me and supported me and made this dream come true that’s my hope.

So today I will tell you a story about a private citizen who’s from Somalia or East Africa to be more specific because most people have no idea where Somalia is and they are members who are elected officials so I would like to start with that and show you a video of President Kennedy welcoming the Somalian president to the White House.

Watch “Taariikh xasuus mudan. Somali prime minister A. A. Sharmarke and John F. Kennedy 1962.” on YouTube

The torch has been passed to a new generation I am taking this torch from President Kennedy himself and I’m going to pass it on to a new generation because members of Congress and Senate have failed all of us it is up to courageous Americans who understand the consequences of sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing while an avalanche of problems is cascading on the American people and the American way of life.

We have never been more threatened by politicians who are so boring and so futile that they’re not even excited about the past greatness of this country starting with Kennedy who has distinguished himself with his eloquence. We all need a reminder to have a seat and listen to this inaugural address on January 20th 1961.

Please watch “John F. Kennedy inaugural address: Jan. 20, 1961” on YouTube

I repeat this with all my heart and anyone who believes in the future of freedom should say this over and over. This is my message from President Kennedy to everybody on this planet who hates freedom and the United States of America.

Let all nations know whether it wishes us well or I’ll say that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend and oppose any enemy to assure the survival of liberty.

Liberty as far as I’m concerned stands for the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions opposed by authoritarian countries and individuals all over the world who seek to impose evil on the human being, restricting the religious rights or eliminating religion, in general, to fit whatever is trending. China I am talking to you. Not to mention child policy has ruined the Chinese people’s life they can’t even find people to marry messing around with what God has created will only lead to people’s downfall.

To eliminate all rights that are god-given which makes the human being free to participate in the political process and call for justice and Truth to be of held where people can pursue all the liberties that would make ones happy by pursuing interests that they see fit will bring them happiness and joy and make this world a better place for everyone.

It is a broad definition but it is a definition that needs to be broadened because I haven’t really unpacked that word since I want to live a legacy of education that illuminates people what history is all about.

What is it that you can do for your country?

This is a question that I had to ask myself when the entire political system was melting and for the first time in the history of America a president was attacking the Constitution of the United States and the people of the United States and there was no help there was nothing but a storm everywhere because President Obama had failed Hillary Clinton had failed everyone had failed I was the only citizen standing that was well aware of that I could go to the storm and I could make a difference and I was the only one who could make that specific difference that could help this country so today I’m going to tell you all about it.

We are all human beings who are on a journey with our own spirits and along the way we pick up many things from our character to our  integrity that makes us who we are and what we stand for.

I’ve been blessed to be in this country since 2000 and I got to see this country where Muslims were not only not known but Americans didn’t care because the country was so big and the entertainment or distractions from sports to everything in between was so consistent that we have a entire department that reports the headlines on sports on the sports center because there are so many sports you can’t watch all of them.

Nobody cared about Islam and Muslims we were living just like everybody else and then 9/11 happened and I got to witness all the harassment and evil that Japanese and Asian Americans experience ours was extended for quite a long time but it was not as severe but harassment and hate comes from the same place the spiritual heart of the human being.

My religion teaches me the whole point of life is to take care of the spiritual heart if you bring a clean spiritual heart to the owner of the universe God  you have succeeded you have gone through the struggle of getting rid of all the challenges that have to do with the disease of the heart such as jealousy, anger, backbiting, exposing yourself to evil things on the internet that affects the heart.

In the religion of Islam we have experts in every matter whether it’s grammar or the spiritual heart so it’s very important that I state that I’m not qualified to discuss this realm as a result I will just play a video that will do something I can never do with my words which is to show you all the problems of knowing yourself and I believe that if people took the time to understand what’s residing within their body then they will acknowledge the soul that’s greater than the universe residing within a human being you will not look at someone’s sex or color you will gaze into their eyes and you know something special and mysterious is residing there.

Please Watch “Imam Al Ghazali Advice on Knowing Yourself – #SpiritualPsychologist” on YouTube

Hopefully now you have a better understanding that we are more than just who we are and that’s been my journey and I have been blessed to have a teacher or a guide for me to process all of this so when all these storms were going on I was already on this journey.

I’m going to give you a short version of what my guide has been teaching me all this journey.

Watch “Imam al-Ghazali 8 Important Lessons in Life | #SpiritualPsychologist” on YouTube

Meet my spiritual guide the one who initiated me into the circle and unleashed my creativity so everything you are seeing is a manifestation of his blessed lights and miracles as far as I’m concerned please take a look at his biography.

Watch “The 34th Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (saw) | Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi” on YouTube

That is my guide who  initiated me into the circle where I had to go on this journey and I was already working towards purifying myself and contributing because what I had witnessed with him gave me the faith and the confidence and propelled me forward to do amazing things. Let me give you an example

Watch “In Need of Allah | Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi” on YouTube

If you want more information on this blessed teacher please check out this website is biography and all his work is included.

This brings us back to Donald Trump I had decided to respond to the problems that he was causing all of us and it turned out that this could be tackled by mathematical equations and I could write something that would change the entire system because the problem was the news it was the problem of the that conflicted with our time because the internet had come forth and we were in this two-way highway and the news media was still following this
one way highway and I needed mathematics and I needed to dive deep into my religious teachings so I did I came up with solutions I explained them very well and they are going to work I sent them to religious institutions and I was trying to go about it in the most beautiful way.

I also decided to take on every problem that exists since I’ve been blessed to solve this. I might as well create a space and a place people can come if they have a problem and an idea could remedy the problem because the souls are connected to the owner of the universe.

I would like to play that specific animation video that I made because when Trump was being elected I was busy creating the website and trying to avoid this conflict that takes place when you are engaging with the ignorant person because they are full of themselves so there’s nothing you can offer them they need you to get into the boxing match and I put on your gloves and deal with them according to their level and that was something I was not willing to do because as a correctional officer I was burned out I had already dealt with many criminals who were completely full and there was nothing to add that would make them change was a result I had to use persuasive and creative ways when they were out of the line and I have to put them in their place because you learn how to massage the ego you learn how to praise people tell them what they want to hear then you offer a solution to whatever problem they’re having and that was something I was not willing to do.

Watch “One World one page” on YouTube

So I was going to call the world to a page where problems can be solved.

I was also calling the Muslim community that I had written a hypothesis with equations and we’re going to be dealing with this and because my teachers were not satisfied with the mathematics and the ideas I went ahead and created another animation to advertise it so it’s an advertisement on top of the advertisement.

Watch “Muslims respond to the media crisis” on YouTube

I went on and I build the site and let’s just say I even looked for funding and I have a video to prove that as well from my own YouTube channel which I will launch one day.

Watch “A project for lunch good private video” on YouTube

I went ahead and began to explain the equations in animation unfortunately funding was not there so I took it as a sign of God doing the best I can.

Watch “One world one page” on YouTube

Obviously there’s a lot to the story that I’m not telling you but hopefully I will include it in a future biography.

With all that work nothing was working it was time for me now to go into the storm because everybody had failed we had a President who engaged in a political Battle of his life and the volcano that came with that battle did not just go away he went into the White House steaming and there was no one who could help him and  adjust and find his way it was my job to carefully use all the skills that I perceived as a correctional officer to analyze the president and to put my emotions and personal beliefs to the side and come to the assistance of the president of the United States by making myself useful.

So I opened my shop on the internet. I forgot about my project and I introduced myself as a TV character and I went deep into my creative rabbit 🐰 hole ⛳ to come up with anything that would make me look like a

I went ahead and I did write two movie scripts I created two trailers I created the Muslim superhero character I did what I did do when I was a correctional officer because I would dress up and put on all kind of pins and I would shine my shoes so by the time I walked in into my unit or anywhere people always confuse me for a warden or someone they don’t need to mess with that they need to behave themselves my presence was enough to make the bad guys behave before I even said a word cuz I knew 99.9% of people that go by perception you look very rich their behavior will change you look very poor and smell bad you’ll be treated accordingly.

Anyway enough with the talk you can go visit this moment in time.

OMAR ARIZONA: Page One welcome the hero is born

You can visit my blog. I have left a few things here and there but I have over 400 and counting publications so I’m going to summarize the presidency of Donald Trump in the following manner.

I know Donald Trump is going to be reading this so I might as well address him.

Dear President Donald Trump I hope you’re doing well I am still the same person I don’t have any hate in my heart I pray that you are blessed and you live a long healthy life and everything about you becomes great I personally was forced into stepping up for my community and the entire country and I did what I did and I said what I said to the best of my ability and I appreciate you being the first president that shared the presidency with everyone which was unfortunate in many cases because from what I heard you would just change your mind for the last person you met which is really not a good quality of a leader.

So I am not going to be suggesting that I had a big influence on your presidency but I will say the following: when I wanted something I really felt that you would actually listen and do something about it. Because you were listening to everybody and The Tonight show on CBS told me that you are literally open to ideas and I started writing to you almost on daily basis of many issues and sometimes I would see you swing to my side and sometimes I will see you swing to your own side because I learned the hard way that you really don’t listen to nobody but yourself.

The job of a president is to listen to the citizens is to rule with the citizen not to hide behind closed doors and do many things that are unethical or illegal or without any accountability this is something I think President Biden is  doing by the way because I don’t know what he does and I don’t have any way to hold him accountable or give my opinion in any issue the only time I find out something has happened and the president did something it’s too late it’s like spoiled milk I don’t even bother with it so I’m not actively engaged and maybe I was excessively engaged and Biden wants to make sure that I am not considered a
core president in his administration.

I want to make it very clear working night and day and accomplishing many great things and Donald Trump came with an emotional and psychological cost on one handle I would support him and praise him when he does something good and I would point out what is in the best interest for the country such as his Twitter account on the other hand I will do my best to get him impeached or just say whatever was on my mind and this wasn’t just about Donald Trump the president of Russia got a piece of my mind president of other countries from the European Union you name it because there was a point I got tired just dealing with Trump who was not doing his job so I decided to engage the world stage with my unique voice and shape the world in any way I so fit and then I went on and on to the point where I had my own emotional breakdown and it’s very important to Muslims around the world to understand you will have a breakdown if you try to do something impossible you will have to take a break because it’s just too much.

Watch “Khalil Center: An Inside Look” on YouTube

My message to the Muslim community it’s okay if you want to talk about something if you’re working on something that’s Way beyond your head and you just hit this invisible wall it is okay to step away stop what you’re doing because you could be moving the whole world scaring the hell out of governments changing the world and you think nobody’s listening to you and you’re not having any effect.

I’m the kind of person who could write for five six hours straight writing blogs of the blogs praising leaders fighting with them and doing all kinds of weird things and thinking it’s normal. I found out that is not normal.

Anyway as soon as I had to take an emotional break Donald Trump attacked Iran and we had all that fiasco and I was not willing to come back now because even though I had a limit and I learned that you have a limit on how low you can go.

If you do not put this limit you will lose your shirt even in the marketplace they will sell your position at a specific drop off price so emotionally psychologically and above all I realize that I was the most powerful citizen of the world and I was unelected and all of this had happened because of coincidence that are out of my control.

I did what a smart person does I deleted my Twitter account I shut down my blog and I was so happy when President Biden won   I went to the long vacation I think it was 6 months or 7 months or maybe a year I don’t know how long but it was a very nice long vacation  until my people are attacked again in Palestine and the president is fumbling all over and he doesn’t even have a Muslim right now in the White House can you believe it?

The president of the United States Biden has yet to celebrate Ramadan despite all the challenges in Afghanistan and all the Islamic world that’s waiting for leadership. He has nothing to offer but criticizing democracy and telling us how the dictators are strong and how days are numbered.

My message to the president is this Camilla Harris has more than enough power to run this country and I have no problem becoming a special Assistant helping her but I will definitely be independent I have never going to give up my power now that I know I’m the most powerful citizen the world has seen in the last 100 years I will continue blogging and I will continue sharing my ideas to change the world to make it move Free so it can represent Liberty and freedoms for all.

That summarizes my story but I now want to turn the pages what I’m trying to do I’m really stuck with a lot of projects and I am never going to stop innovating and slowing down for no one that is something that I have learned don’t slow down for anybody keep up your pace and continuously move ahead and get as much as you can done because time is the only enemy.

So I announced to the current buyer of Twitter  Elon musk that you don’t know what’s been going on on Twitter and who’s the most powerful citizen yes you have a large following but it’s because you play with your toys rockets and your cars it’s like talking to a child who doesn’t understand what I’m telling him but I think now he gets the point because I gave him a piece of my mind and hopefully he will address all the changes or he will receive a very long blog like I am doing right now.

Anyway I am unaware of my influence and my power as a superhero of the Muslim world. So I’m not going to slow down for anyone because time is my only enemy and my enemy is anyone who wastes my time they don’t want to like their tweet they don’t want to give me an appointment in the office so we can save democracy they don’t want to be associated with any change that would make the United States a greater country and meets all its challenges.

So if you are a member of Congress or the Senate and you have refused to like the tweet you have refused to follow the account and you’re waiting for this to go viral so that people can hold you accountable you can start getting tweets of the tweet while you’re not following this account why you’re not liking your own page why you don’t want to be part of change?

Don’t blame me I told you I tried to do this as quietly as possible and I am continuing to do this as quietly as possible that’s why you’re getting one tweet at a time again and this is literally the last warning because now I will take advertisement ads and and I will prove to the people that I am  trying to bring change but none of you are willing to save democracy or stand up for justice or be champions of the truth.

This would make me the first citizen to get the vote of confidence and the support of the public of the American people to be the first one to force every member of Congress to sign a resignation letter like a party like Make A wish foundation as an apology for not accepting all my hard work.

Well let’s just say I’m going a member of Congress and for the day the senate for the day even the presidency for the day and this is my message to everyone help me fulfill my dream so I can continue in my journey and to give you an example that I’m talking about this is what I want.

Dexter’s Make a Wish Reveal! Army Man Wish Granted


Currently, the treatment that I’m getting can be described in the following video.

Watch “Jocelyn’s Wish to be a Princess for the Day | Make-A-Wish North Dakota” on YouTube

Anyway, I want to end with the following so that you understand my mindset and where I am, and why I’m not going to be waiting for anybody I am headed to the City of lights I want to compete with Jeff Bezos and Elon musk I want to finish my comic books I want to direct my movies and I want to rule this world from my Twitter account and blog this is what I’m going to do it doesn’t matter who they are no one can stop me because I have done this in a country that believes that if you work hard and you don’t give up your dreams come true if that’s not the case in this country then I should not be successful.

If the United States of America is not a place where you work hard to make your dreams come true then what kind of country are we living in?

The challenge of our time is that we need an equal level Field that gives every person the chance to be successful and I have noticed not many of the people out there are wishing me a success because I have been working at this for a very long time on Twitter and all they do is just come to my blog readers and stay away maybe it is just the fireworks and the energy or just the absolute ruthlessness in how I get things done that pushes them away they just remain silent and do nothing they are watching how all of this is going to end well let me finish you off with the results of how all of this is going to end.

I am going to be building three rockets as soon as I have my funding I’m going to continue to Chase my dreams and slow for no one I already have posters explaining what I plan on behalf of my teachers.

I am going to build my rockets and I’m going to create the first self-assembled hotel in Mars I’m going to push humanity forward I’m never going to stop solving problems I am  never going to stop for anybody to explain what I’m doing it is up to them to accomplish what I have accomplished with a blessing of my teachers they are my rocket engine my blessings and my lights and I’m going to go build the City of lights all the way in some distant planet I’m never going to waste my time talking to people explaining to them begging them to listen to me yes I am black yes I am from Somalia and yes I have accomplished all of this with a
blessing of the family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them and I will never stop trying to make this world a better place from alleviating poverty with a new idea called brand currency where all your choices are recorded and a piece of fee is taken when you make a choice and it goes into a brand currency account where you have the ability to borrow over and over this means you never run out of rent money you never run out of gas money you live around the world traveling not worrying about money for vacations.

If you agree with what I am doing and you’re not going to let anybody else waste your time please contact your elected official and ask them why are you not following this account? Why are you not being part of the solution? By remaining silent you are telling an immigrant who has worked hard that his dreams cannot come true.

So I am going to be putting pressure on elected officials until I get every single member of Congress and Senate to follow my account like your own page and retweet that will be the reward I want so I can go on to the City of lights and continue to change the world those who don’t want to change the world those who don’t want to make this world a better place and continue their misinformation and hatred and racism there’s nothing I can do for them I can only pray for them I hope that they accomplish great things and they change their ways and if they are re-elected to office they will understand that I will be in a better position than I used to be I am no longer that young kid who was in the blog or working in the animation video who had no voice let alone it was black and Somali no one would take him seriously the first place.

It is true I’m still currently a truck driver. I’m driving 70 hours a week and I’m doing all of this part-time. Can you imagine what I would do when I have my first hundred million dollars? When I have hundreds of people working for me to change the world? I urge you to give me what I need to be successful. It’s very sad that I’m not getting gifts and support from people all over the world. To be independent you can donate on my blog and I’m not going to help you with a link to those people who want to help. They always take that extra step.

Help me take a step forward into the future help me to make this world a better place and help yourself to be part of my journey because our pages are torn apart because of hate and Injustice so I call him public official to take your page that story and connect it  with mine unless be in the history book together let people say that elected officials reached out to this young man and worked with him to secure the foundation of democracy and the future of our country for future generations because politics is where the most important matters of our future is decided it is place where we decide to go to war or make peace it is a place where we promote freedom ideals that creates a free and open society that’s based on Justice and Truth and if is that is exactly what you want then please join me in this journey Don’t force my hand to think I don’t have other ideas.

I will not promote this at this time I will just follow my snail 📬📬📬📬📬📬 strategy to give elected official a chance to be part of this historic creative work.

Dear  elected officials please catch up with me those who were first not last to the party because you being first not last is a sign of strength for our democracy and our future so embrace me before our citizens call you to action and the highest standard.

Thank you for your time. This is the end of this open letter to my dear elected officials and I’ll hand it over to one world one page.

We want to thank  our project manager for being passionate and continuing is efforts elected officials we will advise him to take it easy on the rhetoric if there’s anything that alarms you or you have an opinion that might benefit this project manager or even better you have a complaint that he has said something that is not accurate how you feel that there’s something that you can add please send us an email so that we can give you an adequate response.

Because this is a creative project we’re not going to limit our project manager in his language and his vision in executing ideas that could change the world.

We’re working on that app that hopefully will be a game changer in the political arena where are scores will be issued by artificial intelligence and also humans working side by side because we can never replace human beings we never want to add automate anything unfortunately tech companies have already automated the entire business companies like Google and Apple they always getting rid of people and trying to automate everything and we have seen how frustrating that can be we have a vision of never letting the robots take over we always want humans to be in control especially in politics we have discussed this in detail on the US House plan so we hope you will read that as well our world is going to change and we have chosen to answer the challenge of our time and respond to the challenge President Kennedy made what is it that you can do for your country? I guess we just answered that.

If you are a elected official and you want to email us we’re leaving your email right here so feel free to email us so that we can work with your staff to take over the page that have been assigned to you we want to delete that and make it your home where you put updates information about yourself and you transition into this future and you can be part of History that you are among those people who preached out and make changes right away we are more than happy to work with your staff so please have your staff email us so we can get started.

We want to thank  elected members who are enthusiastic about the program and did not receive this email so they could communicate. We wanted them to explore all the ideas that are connected to the House of wisdom but now you can consider yourself officially notified you have the email where you can reach out and we will work on your staff and you will be remembered in history to being among those who reached out and helped us build the future where democracies protected and promoted around the world because the United States is the place where challenges are taking on a solutions are found to the problems that the world is looking for. We lead the world because we don’t shrink from our responsibilities so please send us an email so you can be part of History.

We look forward in talking to you in the future about different projects and ideas that we are stitching up so please visit our website and will be in contact with you this plan is for politicians but we have other plans for scientists or doctors or even CEOs who need to be challenged to do a better job because we’re moving into a world where artificial intelligence is taking over and we want businesses to be ready for that so the challenges are endless but the opportunities to solve those challenges are also endless it’s a win-win situation for everyone we welcome anybody who has great ideas to change the world to join one world one page and extremes and ideas together.

Thank you for reading this.


 waalaikumsalamwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh to my blessed family and

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  my dear elected officials in the Congress and the Senate and  all People of planet Earth.